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Mangalsutra – A Sacred Thread Of Love

A sacred thread of love & goodwill worn by the women as a symbol of a marriage union is what is called as the “mangalsutra.”

Wedding preparations are never-ending. It is like an infinite task which winds up itself surprisingly on the wedding day. A Hindu marriage ceremony is never complete without the Mangalsutra. In a Hindu marriage, when girl is gets married, she represents her new marital status by adorning some significant jewels. One such jewel is the Mangalsutra!

Just like many Europeans wear rings after this special day, according to the Hindu tradition, it is tied around the neck of the bride by the groom on the wedding day. Another important marriage symbols is the Sindoor (a red vermillion powder) that a woman puts on the parting of her hair.  

What does a Mangalsutra actually mean?

The name Mangalsutra has derived from the words “mangal” which means holy or auspicious and “sutra” which means a thread. After the groom puts it around the bride’s neck, they both get the status of a wife & husband. So, it clearly means an auspicious thread which binds the relation between the husband and the wife. It creates an inseparable bond between the two.

A married woman has to wear this everyday all her life as long as her husband is with her, as a sign of their common life, kindness, love, understanding and loyalty to each other. It is also said that it protects the marriage from the evil. With latest designs, one can evolve to match their personalities while holding the same value.

What Is A Mangalsutra Made Of?

A yellow thread oiled with the paste of turmeric is tied on the neck of the bride by the groom on the wedding ceremony. After which it is replaced with a mangalsutra made with black and gold beads stringed on one or more strands of gold chain with a gold pendant or vati.

Earlier, the gold designs were chosen by the groom's family in accordance with their customs. But these days, the bride selects the latest mangalsutra designs as per her choice and preferences.

Mangalsutra Designs For Modern Women

Like everything else has evolved to suit today’s modern women, so has the mangal-sutra. The latest mangalsutra designs come in a variety of different style to reflect every woman’s unique taste & choice. Some women like it to be heavy in terms of gold and less of black beads while some like it simple with minimum gold and more of black beads. Some like to have a diamond pendant attached to it while some go with the traditional vati style. It can be accented with sparkling diamonds or even gemstones or minakari work. Diamond mangalsutra designs are very much in trend these days.

Though for a short period of time young women did not wear it every day, but it held a very special place in their heart. So, women choose it as per their preferences & likes. Many of them think it is not practical to wear it every day at office while some prefer buying more than one designs; a light-weight for daily wear and a traditional one for special occasions.  However, it made a comeback as a robust fashion statement.

You can see them all around, right from the actresses of Bollywood movies and TV soaps to modern working women who flaunt them proudly with a pair of jeans and a funky tee shirt. There are modern designs that can go with any and every outfit. For every woman who is looking to flaunt her marital status in style, Gold24 offer a great range of latest mangalsutra designs.

Latest Designs For Undying Tradition

Get your hands on the latest mangalsutra designs by checking out our wide range online. It features every concept right from simple and daily wear designs to bold and party wear pieces. With our huge variety of diamond designs and gold designs, you can be sure to find something you will love.

The Sparkle of Diamond-Studded Mangalsutra

Over the years, the traditional designs have been replaced by the complementing trends & styles. With changes styles & patterns, Gold24 has revamped its designs to make latest mangalsutra designs.

Diamond mangalsutra pendants are among some of the most trending styles for women. They are often eye-catchy and intricately crafted. If you are planning to buy a diamond one you should definitely consider our diamond mangalsutra designs. They are the best way to add a little sparkle to your everyday jewellery collection.

The Glory of Gold Jewellery

Traditional designs are evergreen and most adorned patterns. These designs are eye-catchy and intricately crafted. Traditional ones are usually made of gold.

With changing trends, Gold24 makes it sure that the traditional gold designs be in trend with expert craftsmanship. Take a look at our huge collection of varied designs and buy mangalsutra online that fits your style.

Buy Mangalsutra Online At Gold24.in

Buying jewellery online is now an easy and hassle-free process. Gold24 has 100% certified jewellery, which makes it more trust worthy for you to buy mangalsutra online. All our products are certified by international labs like SGL, GIA, IGI and BIS among others. With Gold24, you can be assured that the jewellery you purchase is of excellent quality.

Online jewellery shopping will easy and quick for you with Gold24, where each product ordered is received by us first, gets quality checked for every detailing before being shipped out. We offer free shipping & lifetime warranty, so that you can sit back and buy mangalsutra online          comfortably from your home.

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