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Pendants for women

The Gold24.in website offers for ladies and women a wide range of pendants of exquisite designs and of high-quality materials. Explore our great collection of glamorous pendants of any size and for every occasion.

Wearing a piece of jewellery, especially, a pendant is a great way to look stylish, elegant and, of course, to draw attention. When creating a professional appeal, choosing a garnish to wear with an evening gown or just for daily work or casual situations, you need to decide about the main features of the pendant such as length of chain, kind of stone, its weight, shape and brand.

If you are shopping at our online store, you will be able easily to find a particular pendant using the tabloid, located on the left side of the webpage. At first, pay your attention at the upper column entitled “Useful filters” and try some specifications such as current deals, new products, products with sets, products with video and bestsellers. The rest of the columns give a possibility to specify your request by some indicators such as price, brand, brand type, material grade, material colour, popular themes, style, a form of product, available sizes, stone insertions, stone colour, insertion shape, birthstone and with a chain or not.

Pendants for women

Before you buy a decoration, you should know some information about precious metals to avoid the mistake of buying a fake product. The Gold24.in offers pendants made of gold 14 k,18 k(composed of 58.3% and 75% of gold), gold 375 and silver 925. Fashion pendants come in a variety of styles at reasonable prices, which you can determine using the filter on the left side of the page.

It is available for you to find on our website a silver or gold women pendant, designed with different gemstones insertions (for example, diamond, amethyst, emerald, sapphire, topaz and others) and, of course, with pearls. You can also select a colour of the stone: black, red, green, purple, blue, yellow or other. Choose the best insertion shape for you: oval, round, pear, ball or some other specific such as briolette, princess, baguette, cabochon.

If you are looking for some original pendant design for women, you can simplify your search with the definite theme: animals, flowers and plants, numbers and symbols, celestial symbols, love and more. On the top of the page, there is also classification by the main types of shape of the pendants for women. We highlighted some popular designs, e.g. pendants with black or coloured stones, with animal and flower stone insertions.

Our store offers a rich collection of numerous creations of well-known designers: Belle Diamante, Lurie Jewellery, Guy Laroche, Nina Ricci, Shankaram, Surat Diamond and others.

Choosing appropriate pendant

There are some important aspects to take into account when you want properly outfit yourself with a new pendant. For example, it is a neck length, a face colour and shape, body type and height. When all aspects are taken into account, you can really decide if that fine pendant fits you.

When shopping for jewellery, it’s usually easy to find the right gold pendants because these are the simplest pieces to buy. But selecting among a huge variety of silver or gold pendants for women it is very important to pay attention to some main factors. First of all, to the chain length. The jewellery industry has established a classification of standard pendant lengths measured in inches, divided into some widely known denominations, or “styles”. They are: “collar” (14 inches) – rests around the neck, “choker” (16 inches) – rests against the base of the throat, “princess” (18 inches) – rests on the collarbone.

Pendants for woman

To define your style you need to measure your neck size. For example, if you have a 14-inch neck, you should probably choose a chain of 16-inch length – choker – or more.

Finally, you need to consider the length of jewellery in relation to the shape of your face. It is usually oval, square, long, round or heart-shaped. Oval-faced individuals fit any length of pendant (taking into consideration, height, neck and body size).Having a round face, you can pick a longer pendant, which creates a “V”. For people with heart-shaped faces, instructions are opposite. Rectangular or long faces usually benefit from the choker’s roundness.

If the chain length fits you, it is also good to remember about metal’s colour to emphasize the tone of your skin. Sterling silver and white gold look fine on fair-skinned people. Medium skin tones match either silver or yellow metals. Dark-skinned individuals usually wear yellow gold.

In addition to the form of a gold pendant, you should also think well and serious about choosing the colour of the gemstone. If you have to decide between coloured and colourless stones, you have to review different options because the colour of stone insertion must match to your current outfit. Diamond Pendants suits perfectly for elegant or professional looks, for special events and formal occasions. The coloured stones one can wear within everyday outfit or on common events.

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