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The studs have a rich history, estimated not by one millennium. And if now they are only an ornament, in former times they have always been associated with certain traditions and customs. The first mention of this decoration appeared about 7,000 years ago, they were invented precisely as jewellery for man, not a woman. They were worn by men as a sign of their high social rank. Particular preference was given to gold stud designs with pearls, garnet and sapphire.

Egyptian earrings symbolised a very high position in society. Wealthy women in Greece and Rome preferred female stud of gold. With their help, ladies showed their position in society and wealth. More modest Greek women wore silverware. Since the XII-XIV centuries, the gold stud earrings again came into fashion. Expensive earring with stones invariably adorned ladies and nobles at the court of Henry III. Commoners gladly paraded in cheap earrings.

Gold has long been considered as a symbol of wealth, so many ladies had to have at least one pair of gold earring or studs in their own collection of accessories. Designers, in turn, incite interest to the decoration with the abundance of different earrings, which differ in style, design, purpose, size and high cost. If you want to choose something concise and luxury, then pay attention to the stud with a large pearl, which "lies" on a flower or petal. This element will give delicacy and tenderness to decorating. In addition, the pearl is the perfect complement to an evening gown. If you want an expensive and gorgeous pair, you should choose studs with a large stone of regular geometric shape. A good example is a stud with a square emerald, angled downward. Deep green and rusty gold are considered one of a perfect combinations. At the same time, a major gem always looks beautiful and elegant.

Studs made of stones

Major role in the gold stud earrings can be played not only by precious metals but with stones. There is no woman in the world indifferent to the colour depth, refinement and excellence of this natural material. The exterior of the stud earring can be decorated with a large stone or a composition of several stones, which do not necessarily have to be the same type.

Skilled craftsmen are able to create the composition of various semi-precious stones, which by its beauty are not inferior to the precious materials. Therefore, many women prefer to choose just gold earrings like studs with simple ornaments as their beauty costs much lower.

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