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Toe rings

Toe ring is a ring, usually made of metals or non-metals. It can be worn on any toe. Most often this ring is worn on the second toe, because it’s the longest. Besides, it is more comfortable to wear it on the second toe, than, for example, on the third or on the fourth toes. Oriental countries have different traditions, customs. Earlier wearing toe rings meant some symbolic features, but now it is possible to use it without any significant reason.

Everyone knows that toe rings firstly appeared in India. For a long period of time it was the part of Indian culture. Since that period and till now every married woman has different toe rings in her jewellery box. So, why does this toe ring is so important in Indian culture? The answer is very simple. As in Europe the future husband puts the ring on the finger of his future wife, the husband in oriental countries puts the toe ring on the second toe of his future wife. That’s why here it is a symbol of married woman.

How to choose the the perfect jewellery for you?

Everyone has its own taste and preferences, that’s why our catalogue has different models. Every woman wants to be beautiful, modern and glamorous. Our range of online toe rings will help you. First of all, you should decide what toe ring do you want? Should it be small, big, with or without stones and other decorations? It is also better when you understand how much you can spend on this jewellery. If you fell in love with one model, but it is very expensive, don’t worry. Our online store has always some discounts and good offers for best clients. That’s why wait and you can buy your ideal toe ring online cheaper. Besides, if you can’t choose only one product, think about buying more. If a customer buy more than just one item, the discount will be offered. Sometimes it is really difficult to choose something because of wide range. In that case classify the catalogue due to the popularity. Here you can find the models of high popularity. If you always want to be in trend and to have all novelties and latest designs the first, our online store will be the ideal place for you. We regularly renew our assortment.

Toe Rings Online Shopping

Gold24.in catalogue is very diverse and here you can buy something for everyday or for important occasions, such as birthday, wedding or other holidays. We propose products of such well-known brands: Juvalia, Voylla and Sukkhi. The catalogue of Voylla rings is the most various. Here everyone will find the ideal proposition. It is for those who prefer minimalism and elegant design. All models are small and won’t cause any discomfort while wearing. If you prefer massive and gorgeous jewellery, you should buy something from Sukkhi brand. These toe rings can be worn on absolutely different occasions. With its help you will look brilliant in any ceremony or wedding. Nevertheless, you can also use it in ordinary life. Let every moment of your life be memorable. If you prefer classic style and not ready to choose something, the best decision for you will be Juvalia brand. Beautiful design, affordable price and good quality – these are the main advantages of this brand. Chose toe rings by online shopping in India and you won’t regret.

Available models and sizes

The range of possible products allows everyone to choose not only the brand, but other many options. First of all, decide what popular theme is better for you. We propose items with such themes: animals, flowers and plants, love and birds with insects. It doesn’t mean that you can see these themes on your ring. Models are done considering these motives. It’s high time to choose the material. Available propositions: zinc, brass, metal, steel and Jewellery alloy. Then think about stone insertions: Enamel, Kundan, Cubic Zirconia or simply without any insertions. The stone color can also be different: purple, green, red, white, blue and brown. Online shopping in India is a great possibility to buy the best products all over the world. Don’t miss this chance!

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