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Cultural heritage and style

Bracelets in India are an important and large part of cultural heritage and a national wealth.

Ladies fashion bracelets are worn on the wrists, forearms, ankles, toes, as well as the western tradition, considers wrists bracelets to be classical. Fashion bracelets have never lost their up-to-dateness and today gained simply stunning popularity.  The latest fashion bracelets verily are the epitome of tradition in the modern world.

Fashion bracelets for women: an eloquent touch of fashion

Fashion bracelets are appropriate for any occasion and style – these items can complete an evening dress,
bohemian or day-to-day style, emphasise individuality and truly are the highlight of the whole outfit. Each modern fashionista has a set of bracelets in different styles, themes, colours and metals.

Adding bracelets to your jewellery collection not only makes you a fashion icon but also, adds the oomph factor to your casual look. You can always buy fashion bracelets as a gift, and be sure that such present is always beloved and long wished for.

Gold24.in invites you to explore an incredible collection of fashion bracelets for women. Check out the latest designs, the huge range of styles and affordable prices in the following categories:


The practice of wearing bangles in India derives from ancient times and belongs to wedding, marriage and family traditions. In present time bangles became one of the basic feminine accessories, which add a touch of charm to the look.


Beautifully crafted bracelets offer the variety of styles, themes, colours and stones insertions and will gratify the most sophisticate testes and will create and amazing outfits.


Rakhi is a bracelet and mascot, that protects against the spell, witchcraft and the evil.  And the festival of Rakhi holds a special and warm place in the hearts of people of India. In the modern version of this beautiful and beloved tradition, rakhi becomes a precious and sweet gift for either brothers or family members, close friends or loved ones.


Anklets are delicate and pretty accessories, perfect for showing off women grace. Whatever your style is, be sure the ankle bracelets will complement and accentuate it.


Beautiful and tiny charms perfectly accessorise with your bracelets or necklaces to symbolise your passion or hobby, capture a memory or a life moment, create a special mood or just customise the jewellery in your personal style. They say the beauty of a woman can’t be complete without gentle and elegant bracelets on her wrists. And it's no use arguing here.  Enjoy the fashion bracelets online shopping with Gold24.in and purchase fancy, fashionable and outstanding jewellery pieces to brighten and enlarge your personal collection.

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